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LIMITED EDITION Snickers Hazelnut found at select Safeway branches in Jordan

This LE Snickers Hazelnut bar from Mars Polska launched many years ago in parts of Europe, but was discontinued ever since. It’s due for a relaunch in the UK very soon, but has been already spotted in...


Limited edition green snickers hazelnut Poland and UK
NEW/Limited Edition Snickers Hazelnut from Poland comes in a unique green wrapper.

I’ve never seen this Snickers bar in the Gulf region before but was very delighted and surprised to have seen a blogger in Jordan post it. She found it at a Safeway in Amman and sadly didn’t find any more in stock when I asked her to check. I‘m really hoping to find these in the region since we already have the newest Creamy Peanut Butter Snickers from Mars Polska!

Snackers in Jordan, keep your eyes peeled for these at your local Safeway stores! 👀

Happy snacking (and snack-hunting!) 🍫,

Kady ❤️

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