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NEW Hanuta Stick and Giotto Momenti Brownie launch in Luxembourg

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

You tell me what these remind you of...

new hanuta stick wafers in luxembourg from ferrero
NEW? Hanuta Stick launches in Luxembourg in a 5x pack box.

If you were immediately reminded of Ferrero's classic Tronky, you would be correct! At first these seem to be a new product, but upon closer examination they seem to actually be Tronky rebranded and repackaged. First posted by Food News Luxembourg on Instagram, the post caused a stir in the region, and prompted one greedy follower to buy out the entire stock the following day and sell them for a whopping 10 euros a pack on eBay *collective face palm*. But not to worry, Food News Luxembourg recently found them at yet another branch and reassured everyone there's plenty more rolling out in stores.

new hanuta sticks in luxembourg for sale at Cactus and other retailers soon
Hanuta Sticks in bright and clean packaging easily outsells the classic red Tronky box.

I have to say, it's a pretty good marketing move to completely revamp an otherwise outdated (and quite frankly, drab) product like Tronky.

Ferrero Hanuta Stick resembles Tronky to the T
We eat with our eyes, don't we? All of the sudden, I feel like having a Tronk- I mean, a Hanuta Stick.

BUT WAIT, THER'S MORE! The R&D at Ferrero have been busy this year, with the latest item rolling out in stores in Luxembourg and Germany. Also posted first by Food News Luxembourg, the blogger shared the news of the latest launch the same day.

new giotto momenti brownie in germany and luxembourg
New Giotto Momenti Brownie launch in Luxembourg and Germany

The newest Giotto Momenti flavor is inspired by an American classic, the brownie. We've seen previous editions celebrate Dutch butter cookies, Italian biscotti, and German spekulatius, but this is the first time we see a non-European flavor from Giotto Momenti.

new ferrero giotto in brownie flavor from germany
Giotto Momenti inspired by Brownies are the first American flavor launched by the brand

Which of these Ferrero products would you choose first (you're definitely choosing both, I know)? I'm definitely excited to try the Giotto Momenti! I've never had a bad Giotto, it just doesn't exist.

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