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NEW Kinder Wiz Biscuits from Singapore

Finally! These new Kinder Wiz biscuits/cookies from Singapore were sent to me by my awesome friend there and I wanted to give you all the first-ever inside look! I posted this on my Instagram two weeks ago but I had to post on the blog after discovering other accounts were stealing my photos. The nerve.

New Kinder Wiz biscuits from Singapore
NEW Kinder Wiz biscuits from Singapore

Just as I expected, this is NOT just another Nutella Biscuits copycat. It's a super unique product! The biscuit is filled with a milk and cocoa cream made with carrot, mango, and cereals and topped with biscuit crumbs and a combination of almond and hazelnut.

Kinder Wiz biscuits from singapore
New Kinder Wiz comes in packs of 3 biscuits

There's so much going on in here, but stay tuned for an in-depth review!

Kinder Wiz biscuits from Singapore
Kinder Wiz biscuit innards

One thing worth noting is how interesting the consistency of the filling is. The milk and cocoa cream isn't creamy or soft as you'd expect, mostly due to the ingredients mentioned above. Really interesting!

Kinder Wiz biscuits from Singapore come in boxes of 5 packs
Kinder Wiz biscuits come in boxes of 5 packs

I can't wait to review these and give you all the details of these new biscuits. Cookies? Biscuits? Aahh!

Leave a comment with your questions about this product so I could answer them all in my upcoming review!

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