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NEW Kinder Wiz Biscuits released in Singapore - and more!

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

From 1-10, how excited are we??

kinder wiz biscuits singapore
New Kinder Wiz biscuits spotted in Singapore


Thought so.

I'll give you a minute.

These NEW Kinder Wiz biscuits have recently been spotted in some stores in Singapore, but only a select few. And according to an official source, they're supposedly due to release in other parts of Asia such as India; Thailand; the Philippines; and China.

kinder wiz biscuits
New Kinder Wiz biscuits in Singapore (single packs)

The biscuits shown on the graphics immediately remind me of the popular Nutella Biscuits, also a Ferrero product, which launched in parts of Europe and the GCC last year. But instead of the embossed cookie lid, these are topped with biscuit crumbs. And although that is the only apparent difference, the fruit and vegetable graphics also suggest that the filling may be totally different to the cocoa hazelnut spread. After all, these do contain "Vitamin A, E, B12 & Calcium" according to the box, and the graphic doesn't portray the same creamy, oozing texture like that of Nutella Biscuit's. According to my contact's experience, these have a soft, taffy-like consistency with a light chocolate and hazelnut flavor. I'm so intrigued by this description and I'm excited to try it myself!

It seems to me that this product is currently in a testing phase, since it hasn't yet been commercialized. In other words, this isn't available at major retailers and won't be marketed or advertised yet. I've received word from my Ferrero contact that these will not be coming to the GCC anytime soon. Stay tuned for more, and don't forget to "SNACKSCRIBE" for the latest news and updates!

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