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NEW KitKat Arabia Ramadan Icons launches in the Gulf region

Ramadan is only a month away and new special edition products are rolling out region-wide. One of the most anticipated Ramadan editions every year in my opinion comes from KitKat Arabia.

New KitKat Arabia Ramadan icons
NEW KitKat Arabia Ramadan Icons launches in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

KitKat Arabia always surprises us with special releases during Ramadan, be it currently existing KitKats in limited edition packaging or brand new flavors for the season. In this case, they ticked both boxes ✅ and launched a new assortment of milk chocolates in the shapes of family members and an ornate lantern.

KitKat Arabia Ramadan Icons
New KitKat Arabia Ramadan Icons feature new shapes and textures.

KitKat Arabia Ramadan icons
New KitKat Arabia Ramadan Icons also come in beautifully decorated individual packages.

The new milk chocolate shapes are filled with crispy cereals and biscuit powder, becoming the first of its kind to launch in the region. I’m so excited to try these and see the shapes in person! They’re currently being distributed across the Gulf region and can be found already at select retailers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE.

Have you tried these already? Leave a comment and let us know!

Happy Snacking! 🍫

- Kady

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