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NEW PRODUCTS ALERT: Kinder Dessert; Kinder Kandy; Kinder CUBES

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Attention snackers! You saw it here first: these new Kinder trademarks have been registered since last year and I received some general details regarding the products. NOTE: These descriptions are based on the details I received as well as speculations. Until further details are released, we'll wait to see how well/not so well my guesses turn out!



Kinder dessert, kinder kandy, kinder cubes
New trademarks for Kinder Dessert, Kinder Kandy, and Kinder Cubes

1- Kinder Dessert:

This product is most likely a variety of chilled cakes filled with custard or jam (or other fillings), and is set to launch in the UK and Russia, among other countries. Kinder already has various cakes available in parts of Europe such as Kinder Brioss, but it would be interesting to see what style cakes they plan on making for this range.

2- Kinder Kandy:

While most Kinder products are in the chocolate and cake categories, we see Kinder venturing into the candy aisle with this product. Apparently Kinder Kandy is a bite-sized candy that was sold in Germany about a decade ago before it was discontinued, but this time it could be released in Australia, New Zealand, and China. There's an image from someone in Germany who did a great service by publishing it on her blog. These were available in Edeka and other stores at the time, and the flavor shown in the image is a fruit (peach apricot) and milk chew.

Kinder Kandy
Kinder Kandy from Germany in 2010


It would be interesting to see what revamp they'll give the packaging and what flavors they'll come up with!

3- Kinder CUBES:

I find this one to be the most interesting product out of the three. Kinder CUBES are possibly a frozen dessert/ice cream, containing chocolate or being chocolate-based. Judging by the name, I imagine these to be chocolate-covered ice cream cubes, similar to Nestle Dibs. Supposedly these will be released in China, which seems interesting given that Nestle invested $16m in the Chinese ice cream industry a few years ago, and launched Nestle 8Cubes that sound very similar to the description above. If these are anything like that, I can't wait to see Kinder's variation at the supermarket.

nestle 8 cubes ice cream in china
Nestle 8 Cubes ice cream in China

Coincidence? I think not.

Now here's my question to you: which Kinder product are you most intrigued by, and why? Do you have any guesses as to what these could be? Comment your thoughts below!

Happy snacking,

- K

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