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NEW Snickers Cinnamon Bun flavor launches in the US

Snickers just launched a brand new flavor in the US and it’s already been found at some Walmart branches. But don’t these Snickers remind you of something else?

Snickers cinnamon bun Walmart
NEW Snickers Cinnamon Bun flavor launches in the US

Perhaps they look similar to, I don’t know, the new KitKat Cinnabon that recently launched in the Gulf region? The unique cyan color and cinnamon bun graphics are almost identical to Cinnabon as well.

Snickers cinnamon bun and kitkat Cinnabon
KitKat Arabia recently launched a Cinnabon flavor in the Gulf region a month ago.

I’m so excited to try this flavor since I love Snickers, although after hearing some already less than favorable reviews, I’m not expecting to be wowed. These can be found at Walmart in Stockton, CA and other branches across the country. And I really hope they make it to Saudi Arabia as imports very soon!

Happy Snacking!

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