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REVIEW: NEW Kinder Creamy تقييم: كيندر كريمي الجديد

Introducing the new Kinder Creamy, available in India and North Africa (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt)! أقدك لكم كيندر كريمي الجديد متوفر في الهند وافريقيا الشمالية (تونس والمغرب والجزائر ومصر)!

New Kinder Creamy with crispy rice from Tunisia and India
New Kinder Creamy are made in India for North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt).

This is a really straightforward snack with some basic Kinder components put together very well. Anyone who knows and has tried various Ferrero confections knows that I'm talking about: their signature milk/hazelnut/cocoa fillings, a wafer or crisp component, and either meringue-like granules or a coating of chocolate, or in this case, a layer of crisp rice.

هذا السناك جدا بسيط والكونسبت صريح...البيس عبارة عن كريمات الحليب والكاكاو المعروفين حق كيندر وهي كريمية وحالية وقوامها كثيفة ولذيذة.

New Kinder Creamy from Tunisia and India
NEW Kinder Creamy with a layer of crispy rice

The base consists of the same milk and cocoa creams as that of Kinder Joy and most Kinder confections. They’re sweet and creamy and ganache-like, which I love. You get a little bit of both with every scoop, but I mostly tasted the milk cream which is my favorite of the two anyway. The rice puffs are quite large and super fresh and delicate, and I really enjoyed the crackle and pop in every bite.

غالبا حسّيت بكريمة الحليب وما سعتبر مشكلة لاني افضلها على الكاكاو. والطبقة العليا ارز مقرمش وخفيف وحبيت قوامه مع الكريمات.

new kinder creamy with crisp rice
NEW Kinder Creamy with milk and cocoa creams topped with crispy rice

I had two issues with this, one was the amount of cream which I found to be too little, and the paddle, which is found underneath the backside label, was totally flat and pushed everything around.

بس عندي ملاحظة بسيطة الاولى هي كمية الكريمة قليلة جدا والثانية الملعقة او البلاستيك مرة مسطحة وتحرك المحتويات اكثر من انها تغرفها. عموما استانست بالتجربة ولان الكمية قليلة جدا بغيت اكل ٦ حبات في المرة ههههه.

kinder creamy comes with a scoop in the backside
Kinder Creamy ingredients list with scoop underneath

All in all, I really enjoyed the flavors and textures and you’d be tempted to eat 6 in a row since the contents are so little!


OVERALL: 7.8/10

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