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Review: NEW KitKat Ramadan Icons

I haven’t posted a review in a minute so here’s an exciting one that I posted on my Instagram recently. I’ve been trying out a new set-up lately and I think I really like it 😻.

KitKat Ramadan Icons in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and the Gulf region
KitKat Arabia Ramadan Icons, newly launched in the Gulf

Aren’t these wrappers so beautiful?? 🤩 The vivid colors and Islamic geometric patterns are so iconic and elegant.

KitKat arabia Ramadan icons
KitKat Ramadan Icons features four characters and a lantern.

Although there are five figurines in this limited edition set, the wrappers come in four colors and each features an icon in the center, but those images don’t actually represent what figurine you get on the inside. I assumed they were designed for that purpose but the figurines I got in every wrapper were totally random.

KitKat Ramadan Icons in Saudi Arabia
Each box of KitKat Ramadan Icons contains around 18 pieces of chocolate.

What‘s unique about this product is that it’s made in Italy for KitKat Arabia! This is the first time I see a product exclusive to KitKat Arabia manufactured elsewhere. That definitely answered the nagging question in my head, “Did KitKat Arabia get a whole new production line in Dubai or did they have to get this manufactured elsewhere?” Now I know!

Kitkat Arabia Ramadan Icons
KitKat Ramadan Icons contain 18 pieces in each box.

At first I assumed these chocolates would be like those KitKat Mini Eggs but thank GOD they were not lol. The quality is really good and the flavors and textures were on point.

Kitkat Ramadan Icons
KitKat innards. You’re welcome.

The milk chocolate pieces have a soft chocolate filling with crispy cereals and biscuit powder. I kept these at room temperature and they were melting in my hands (that’s a good thing). The chocolate filling is so soft, the crispy cereals add some nice texture, and I actually picked up something that tasted like baked cookies in there! I was so impressed!

KitKat Ramadan Icons are sold at Lulu and Tamimi and other stores across the gulf
KitKat Ramadan Icons can be found in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries.

These are not only beautiful and delicious but make a great gift. I’ll be getting a few of these for some family and friends overseas and I’m sure it’ll impress them too!

⭐️ Overall: 9/10

Happy Snacking!


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