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Where to find the NEW KitKat Cinnabon Chunky and Cinnabon Mini Moments

Hey Snackers in Saudi, I have some great news for you! KitKat Arabia’s new Cinnabon range has finally started rolling out in stores across the Kingdom, after its initial release in the UAE.

Kitkat Cinnabon mini moments Dubai
KitKat Cinnabon Mini Moments launch in Saudi Arabia after its release in Dubai.

Since the KitKats are still new, they’ve only arrived at select retailers across the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Well, where can we find them?

Kitkat Cinnabon Chunky
KitKat Cinnabon Chunky bars have been spotted in stores across the Kingdom as well.

In the UAE, you can find them at select Carrefour branches across the country. In Dubai, they’re available at Carrefour MOE and others. They’ve also been spotted at Carrefour in Ras Al Khaimah and likely at most branches by now.

Kitkat Cinnabon Dubai
KitKat Cinnabon Chunky bars at Carrefour

In Saudi Arabia, both the Chunky Cinnabon and the Mini Moments have been spotted at Tamimi Markets in Olaya (King Fahd Rd) and are possibly available in other stores now. And as always, they land in Riyadh first before getting distributed to other cities.

If you spot them in your city, let us know by DMing us via our Instagram or emailing us!

Happy Snacking!

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